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Part number: HALKN34110

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Automatically seals off tractor's air supply to the trailer in the event of a breakaway or leak. Made of premium quality materials for durability and long life. All components undergo stringent quality control checks and testing. Manufactured, assembled, and packaged in-house at ISO-certified facilities. Tractor Protection Valve Hand Control (1) 3/8in. Hand  Control Port (2) 3/8in. Foot Valve Control Inlets (1) 3/8in. Tractor Emergency Port (1) 1/4in.  Exhaust (1) 1/2in. Trailer Emergency Port (1) 1/2in. Popular applications on HEAVY DUTY TRUCKS.

Weight: 0.75 kg

Width: 4.7 in

Height: 4.3 in

Length: 7.3 in

Box: yes

Truck brands it fits: Volvo and more. Contact us to assure fitment at 1-866-871-7826

Cross part number: PAI EM37140, 2003-985-C, 2585468C, 2585-468-C, 2585506C, 2585-506-C, 503-139-C, 571-754-C, 8074524, 934890220, 9348990030, 9348990090, 9348990200, KN34110, KN-34110, KN-34111, RKN34110, RKN34111, 6814290944, 503139C91, 9348990030, 9348990090, D0HA2B200C, 990689C91, 8074524, N30162AA, N30162CA, N30162EA, N30162GA, N30162KA, N30162MA, N30162MB, N30162PA, NA30162AA, KN34090, KN34090N, KN34090X, KN34110, KN34110, KN34110X, RKN34110, RKN34110X, RN30162PA, ZZKN34090X, ZZKN34110, ZZKN34110X, EMDKN34090X, LPV3714, 503139C91, KN34090N, N30162AA, N30162MA, N30162MA, KN34110X, 2585506C91, 503139C91, 6814290944, 8074524, 990689C91, S-11452, ZZKN34090X, ZZKN34110, ZZKN34110X, 9348990030, 9348990090, EMDKN34090X, KN34090, KN34090N, N30162AA, N30162CA, N30162EA, N30162GA, N30162KA, N30162MA, N30162PA, NA30162AA, RKN34110, RKN34110X, RN30162PA, TV34110, 767653011509, 934 899 003 0, 934 899 009 0, 934 899 010 0, 9348990100, D0HA2B200C, DOHA2B200C, MBIKN34110, MIDKN34110, MKN34110, TV34110TEC, HALKN34110, EM37140


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