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Part number: S-A272

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REPLACEMENT FOR BENDIX SR-1. The SR-1 Spring Brake Valve is used in pre-121 duel circuit brake systems and serves two functions. During normal operation, it limits hold-off pressure to the springbrakes to 90 or 95 PSI. Should a loss of pressure occur in the rear service brakes service supply, the SR-1 valve will provide a modulated spring brake application that is proportional to service braking pressure delivered to the front axle. Popular use on HEAVY DUTY TRUCKS.

Weight: 1.0 kg

Width: 5 in

Height: 3.75 in

Length: 6.5 in

Box: no

Cross part number: 286364, 103876, 286364, 287278, 288063, BW 286364N, 286364RX, 286364N, OR286364X, 745286364N, 286364BXW, 8235R955286364N, 286364CX, 3653, D5HA-2B431-AA, BW 286364, BW286364, BW286364N, 717894, 034030, US31-1125, FLTBV364, S6701-A, TKL286364, 1482102680, 717894, ACA-02720700, BW286364:SSTTP, BA272GRP, SM-3001FF, 76507-1, 401211, BER286364, BER-286364, 286364C8T, S 286364, MPGS-A272, ATXA272, 286364-RC, GTP286364, ATPA272, A272SS, VIP286364, 286364HTP, GTSA272, PS286364, 459-271-C, BX286364, BX286364N, K295-127, K295127, 20QE3110R, 20QE3110R, 20-QE-3110-R, 745-28634RX, R955286364X, R955286364N, TDAR955286364, EBN286364, E-BN286364N, 286364X, 36530, 3653.


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