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Part number: EKUS801073

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Control Arm makes for flexible application coverage. Clearance Sensing adjustment type keeps brakes unaffected by deflection or thermal expansion. Consistent and precise gradual adjustments make for optimum lining-to-drum clearance Spline 1-1/2" . Teeth 28. Arm Length 5.5”. Arm Hole Diameter 5/8”. Angle 0 deg. Chamber Sizes 30 in. Clevis Type Unclevised . Popular applications on both TRAILERS and HEAVY DUTY TRUCKS.

Weight: 3.0 kg

Width: 5.3 in

Height: 2.5 in

Length: 11.5 in

Box: yes

Cross part number: H801073N, MERR801073, HDAH801073N, ROCR803110, 1090261, 41427024, 801073P, 8235-R801073, 8235-R801073B40, A2-3275-U-1139, A27-3275-H-1152S, A28-3275-H-1152S, A32-3275-H-1152, A32-3275-N-768, A46-3275H1152S, ABP N42AS R801073, ACA-0076A700, ASM801073, ATIR801073, E-11401, FLTR801073, GTA-R801073, MERR801073-B40, MERR803110, MR801073-B40, MTRR801073, OTR801073, PD 801073P, PLR801073, PROSA55073, R801073-RI, RBR801073, RW-R801073, RWR801073, SA1073, SAP-R801073, SCSA1073, SIRSA1073, STEMK22102S, TDA A32 3275H1152, TDA R801073, TDA R801073B40, TDAR801073, TDAR801073B40, TWDR801073, V1090261, 05-563, 065221BXW, 1694064C91, 65247, A2-3275U1139S, A21-3275N768S, A24-3275N768S, ACCAS1140, AS1040, AS1120, BNDK043197, CB22102, CS56007, CS56040M1D, E-6994A, E11401A, FS-R801073, GUNAS-1140, GUNAS1149, K043197BXW, OTR65174, R801088, S-A670, WAAS1140, WAR801073, ABP.N42AS.R801073

Brand: EKU

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