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Part number: HENS-25541-HP

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Bearing Guide 570-0025. Inner Bearing Cup / Cone HM518410/HM518445. Outer Bearing Cup / Cone HM518410/HM518445. Installation Handle/ Body 551-0001. Oil Bath Seal Axle Ring Width 4.250". Spindle Shoulder O.D. (in.) 4.25. Width (in.) 0.995. Weight (lbs) 1.3. Advanced rubber formulation is highly resistant to wear and corrosion.100% compliant with OE specifications for a seamless fit and hassle-free installation. Seals undergo strict quality control and multiple performance tests in real-word conditions. Manufactured, assembled, and packaged in-house at ISO-certified facilities. Each seal matches the specifications of the original equipment.

Weight: 0.7 kg

Width: 8.5 in

Height: 1.3 in

Length: 8.5 in

Box: no

Cross part number: TR0123, TR42623, ZCP3730123, 370065A, 3727099, 376590A, 43623, 43627, HD701, 3096222, 3730123-ST, 370065AFDM, 376590AFDM, 380065AFDM, 386590AFDM, 4131144, 4131164, 4131211, 4131236, 42631CHR, STM 373 0123, STM3730123, ZCP3730123, 27051705, 302, 42622, 46841, 65262U, 745400, 815215, A1205K2351, A1205P1888, CR42623, M10HH154, M10HH157, MER0123, R20148223-4, R2014R223-4, SS48087, SS68002, 3730123, 7843-3730123, PD 3730123, R1-T04, RM-T04, S-25541-HP, ST373-0123, TR0123, TWD3730123, 302200, 302402, 530480, 65262W, 69520, 69596, 70596, 745400P, ABP 10045889, ABP 10082959, ACA5207, ACA52071, ACE55171, ACF006562, ACF6562, AXA0043, B370065, B376590, B42623, CM10045889, CRS42623, CRS42627, FEDNAT370065A, HS42622, NAT370065A, NAT380065A, NOS42631, PROWS0065A, SBR307-0723, SBR372-7099, SBR373-0123, SBR373-0223, SEA0223, SEA370065, SEA42623, STE307-0713, STE307-0723, STE372-7099, STE373-0123, STE373-0223, STN307-0723, STN372-7099, STN373-0123, STN373-0223, TRI65262U, UZ0302E0, 3070723, 3730223, 9022299868


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