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Part number: 600-9999

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Guaranteed Over-Life-Of-Tire Accuracy Backed by a 500,000 Mile Warranty.Virtually Eliminates Spin When Tires Hit Bumps & Potholes, Your Assurance of Greater Accuracy.Hubodometers are Calibrated to Perform on Over 2,500 Specific Tire Models & Sizes to Further Ensure Reliable Mileage Information.The STEMCO Hubodometer is an Indispensible Tool for Scheduling Maintenance, Determining Lease Charges, Validating Guarantees, and Calculating Costs Per Mile.

Weight: 0.75 kg

Width: 3.7 in

Height: 3 in

Length: 4 in

Box: yes

Cross part number: 600-9999, U766009999, 7843-6009999, ST600-9999, STE600-9999, SMH600-9999,SMH6009999, STM 600 9999, STN600-9999, STM6009999, TWD6009999, ZCP6009999.


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