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Case Study - How Tristan Fleet’s Comprehensive Maintenance Program Transformed Performance


Our customer stands as the leading provider of Canada's most advanced and eco-conscious building solutions, spanning Aggregates, Cement, Ready Mix and Precast Concrete, Asphalt and Paving, and Road and Civil Construction. Bolstered by a workforce exceeding 6,900 dedicated professionals and an extensive network of 400 sites nationwide, the customer is steadfast in delivering environmentally friendly products that lay the foundation for sustainable infrastructure and vibrant communities across the nation. 



Prior to engaging Tristan to service and maintain the customer’s fleet of approximately 150 specialized trucks and trailers in its seven locations in the Greater Montreal Area, the customer encountered numerous challenges regarding fleet maintenance and repairs: 

  • Preventative maintenance was overdue 
  • No existence of a maintenance company with sufficient manpower to serve the customer’s entire fleet 
  • Absence of a maintenance company capable of operating in multiple locations.  
  • Lack of integration between the maintenance company’s software and the customer’s software  

Before our partnership with Tristan Fleet Management, our trucks had to return to the workshop for the same problem repeatedly, and our trucks spent a considerable amount of time in the workshop. No solution was offered to improve the issue.– Maintenance Service Manager 


Given Tristan Fleet’s esteemed reputation in the market and our reliable track record of providing maintenance services for several prominent fleets in Quebec, along with our role as distributors for both OEM and aftermarket parts, the customer entrusted us with the opportunity to demonstrate our superior service. Commencing operations at one location initially, within a span of 12 months, we expanded our services to cover four of the customer's locations. 

For the customer, maintaining an exemplary maintenance program was paramount, given their affiliation with a global corporation where employee safety and the safety of others are of utmost importance. 

Another decisive factor in the customer's selection of Tristan was our readiness and proficiency in deploying multiple expert teams to address any breakdowns within the remarkable timeframe of less than two hours. Resolving breakdowns swiftly was imperative for the timely delivery of their products, as any downtime could significantly disrupt logistical operations, resulting in operational losses—a risk the company cannot afford. 

Our comprehensive list of services, including equipment maintenance, repairs, and extensive expertise in fleet management, played a pivotal role in the customer's decision to work with Tristan. Additionally, our commitment to honesty, adherence to promises, strict compliance with the customer's internal safety protocols, and accountability for our actions further solidified the customer’s confidence in our services. 


The value of this collaboration was vividly illustrated by the significant reduction in OOS (Out of Service) equipment, within less than 12 months, leading to a markedly enhanced optimization of equipment usage. 

Moreover, with Tristan assuming responsibility for all maintenance and repairs across the customer’s locations, operational disruptions were mitigated, unexpected breakdowns were averted, and equipment utilization was maximized. 

The ensured readiness and training of multiple teams to swiftly address any breakdown within a tight timeframe of less than two hours was imperative. It provided the necessary requirement to promptly deliver their product shortly after being loaded onto their equipment. 

Immediate access to all Tristan service locations instilled confidence in the customer, assuring them that their equipment could be promptly repaired regardless of location or time. 

“Since our partnership with Tristan Fleet Management, the fleet availability percentage has increased from 86% to 92%. Additionally, they have reduced repair time by offering sustainable and cost-effective solutions. They have provided us with manpower, flexibility, and solutions to enhance the efficiency of our fleet.”- Maintenance Service Manager 


The comprehensive maintenance program managed by Tristan demonstrates significant advantages, sparing the customer the burden of tracking maintenance schedules and ensuring seamless operational continuity. 

“Over time, we have developed a strong partnership together, enabling us to make better decisions to continue improving the efficiency of our truck fleet, both now and in the future.” -Maintenance Service Manager 

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